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For over two decades Dr. Vaughn Cook has been developing technologies that gather

information and effect changes in the body by interfacing computers directly at the

energetic level of our being. The products he has developed are used by thousands

of health professionals around the world to empower their clients to live healthier,

happier lives. Will you soon be joining the ranks of happier, healthier clients?

What are these biomarkers everyone keeps talking about?

Biomarkers are essentially 'questions' about specific parts of your body. Think of it in terms of a physical exam. You're on the exam table and the doctor pushes on an area of your abdomen and asks, "Does it hurt here?" You reply and then he pushes on another spot and asks, "Does it hurt here?" Your response combined with knowing what he pushing on gives the doctor information that is valuable. During the Zyto biosurvey the computer outputs signals (virtual

stressors) linked to specific components of your body and listens for your automatic responses. Although this process doesn't diagnose disease, it gives your health professional useful information about stress and your body. Using that information he can then more easily predict the benefit you will receive from specific therapies like proper nutritional supplements.

An important function of Zyto technology is called a biosurvey

The Zyto biosurvey is a subconscious 'conversation' between the body and the computer. The computer asks  questions by sending a signal to the body and the body answers through subtle changes in the electrical properties of the skin. These changes are measured as the hand is resting on the ZYTO hand cradle.

The signals that the computer sends to the body are called Virtual Stressors. Each signal is unique and is associated with a body part, a body process, a therapeutic option, or a product.

So the ZYTO biosurvey consists of a series of virtual stressor questions (signals) which are presented to rhe body very quickly and the body answers each question. The answers are recorded by the computer and then displayed in a meaningful way in the final report.

Biomakers Track My Progress Toward Health?

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