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These are testimonials from some of our patients.

When I first heard about Mike and NAET I thought it sounded pretty crazy. However, after years of traditional allergy shots and sinus surgery I was still suffering from terrible allergies and I was willing to try something different. After several months of treatments I felt better than I had in years. Mike did more to heal my allergies than all the traditional treatments I had ever had combined.

- Whitney

Rachel is awesome. She really, really cares about her patients. She will do anything and everything she can to help you. She is very smart and gives 100% always. I would highly recommend her.

- Brittany

All my life I was unable to eat oranges or drink orange juice. My mother told me that when she introduced me to orange juice as a baby it made me sick. The first sign that NAET was going to help my problem came after the fourth treatment, Vitamin C Mix. Drinking orange juice now not only doesn't bother me, it lifts me physically.

The second sign was more subtle. I became aware that I was able to read and comprehend things the first time through. Previously I would read and reread several times with no guarantee of comprehension.

The third sign was noted by my optometrist. I made an appointment because vision was getting blurry. Instead of the usual stronger glasses, this time I needed a weaker prescription. She also noted that the liquid in my eyes was getting clearer after noting previously that it was starting to get cloudy.

I am grateful to have been lead to NAET.  I recommend it to everyone from the very allergic to the healthy.

- Gary

When I met Rachel I'd been strugglng with ME/CFS (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome) for five years. Now I can walk the entire grocery store, see friends, and finally write again ~ and I continue to improve steadily. I feel I have my life back

- Lisa

Mike is a wonderful healer that is extremely intuitive and gifted. He has helped me  eliminate allergies to poison ivy, black mold and so many others that I cannot remember them all. I have recommended Mike to many people who have observed how healthy and vital I am. They always ask me how I do it. Mike is helping me through NAET and acupuncture and homeopathic remedies to reverse my aging and enjoy life to the fullest.

- Terry

Marlene is an intuitive healer. She has a very gentle touch. Whether you’ve never experienced acupuncture before or you’re a long time patient like me, I highly recommend her!

- Donna

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7575 San Felipe, Suite 110

(SW corner of San Felipe & Voss)

Houston, Texas 77063

Hours of Operation: Monday - Friday 9 am - 5:30 pm

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