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Debbie had been diagnosed multiple sclerosis and she was downhill fast. She happened upon doctor who used some incredible technology to 'listen' to Debbie's body. The information he gathered in this way allowed him to make better decisions. Being more informed, he was able to select the right program for Debbie, including the right medicine, and that made the difference.

Debbie's health started to improve. Her strength returned little by little. Her symptoms began to disappear and had hope for the first time in several Years.

Getting the right information about your health is one of the major goals of any health practitioner. One of the most important ways to gather this information is to listen.

Bur have you ever considered listening to your body? It's possible you know . More and more health professionals are tapping into autonomic or subconscious mechanisms to ask your body what's going on. Consider this: at a conscious level you process about 2,000 pieces of information a second. You might compare yourself to a computer with a processor that handles that much data. 2,000 bits of data a second is pretty impressive. But, below your level of consciousness (subconscious) you process about 400,000,000 bits of data

second. Holy cow! That's a ton of tuff. What does it all mean? What's your heart doing right now? What is your digestive system doing right now? What are your hormone levels? What enzymes are circulating inside you at this moment? There are all kinds of things that get managed without our conscious input.

Wouldn't it be cool if you could eavesdrop on this subconscious data processing and make sense of it all?

That's where ZYTO technology comes in. ZYTO technology was developed by Vaughn R Cook, OMD, who has been involved in energy medicine for nearly two and a half decades. Dr. Cook has developed several tools used by health professionals and ZITO technology is the most recent.

A pediatrician once said that listening to a child's mother was one of the easiest ways. to get to the bottom of a child's health problem. "Mom just seems to know, and even if she doesn't know the medical terms she still gives me significant clues where to look.

Sometimes You Know, But Can't Put Your Finger On It

Have you ever felt something was wrong with your health but just couldn't put your finger on it?

Linda had that experience.

She was exhausted for several years. Getting out of bed took all the willpower she could muster. Even though she didn't look sick, inside she was screaming for help. Without an obvious complaint like a broken leg or an abscessed tooth it was hard for her doctors to know what to do. She said she hurt so they gave her aspirin and cortisone. After a while the aspirin made her bleed internally and she began to react negatively to the cortisone. Hypochondriac was the label she often carried away from the doctor's office when the 'usual stuff' failed to bring relief  Linda didn't know what to think. She felt really run down, bur no one knew why. It was frustrating for everyone. No one could seem to get their finger on the problem.

Then she found a doctor who used a remarkable piece of technology.

By resting her hand on a hand cradle that was connected to a com purer, Linda's doctor was able to gather information that no one else had accessed. For the first time things started to make sense. Her doctor gave her answers and made meaning out of patterns that seemed to confuse everyone else. Linda knew she wasn't crazy and it was comforting to have a doctor who believed her and who could actually tell her what was going on.

Linda's doctor made decisions that  worked. Linda's heath improved. She was no longer tired all the time, her aches and pains went away, life wasn't a constant struggle. Almost literally she put her finger on the problem and that made all the difference.

Linda's doctor was using ZYTO technology developed by Vaughn R Cook, OMD and used by hundreds of thousands of people around the world. Dr. Cook has been involved in energy medicine for nearly two and a half decades and has developed several tools used by health professionals. ZYTO technology is the most recent.

Some virtual stressors relate to body function or body parts. For example, there is a unique virtual stressor for each of the vertebrae and one for each of the sinuses. During the biosurvey, as each virtual stressor is sent to the body it stimulates a response. The response will be: a non-response, a balancing response, or a stressing response. If the response is either balancing or stressing it is plotted on a numeric scale in order to determine the degree of response.

After the biomarker portion of the bio-survey is complete the computer calculates a position called 'range.' Range is a numeric position containing approximately forty percent of the virtual stressors in the biosurvey, leaving approximately sixty percent our of range. The range function allows your health professional to very quickly identify areas of greater concern. Out of range responses are tracked because they are the most aggressive. You might consider them out of balance' but that phrase infers that the bio-survey is meant to track progress toward a goal (presumably that goal would be optimum health).

The biosurvey is not intended to track progress. Because the range calculation is proportional every bio-survey will indicate something (approximately 60%) out of range.

The biosurvey is intended to give you a snapshot of a moment in time - the time of the biosurvey. The graph showing biomarkers out of range gives you an idea of what areas of the body are most sensitive to additional stress. This sensitivity is apparent for a large number of reasons. For example, if you have a head cold you may find that biomarkers (virtual stressors) relating to the sinuses will show greater responses, thus they will be plotted as further out of range. However, sinus biomarkers can show an out of range response because you are suffering from inhalant allergies, or possibly trauma, or an exposure to noxious chemicals.

Because the biosurvey does not monitor any system of the body, and because it is not intended to identify disease, the results are not diagnostic. your body prefers in order to calm or relax the emphatic responses for our of range biomarkers.

If you then rake the indicated supplements for a period of time (4-6 weeks is common) and return for a follow up biosurvey, you will still have biomarkers our of range. This is because the our of range scale is designed to put the dividing line between in range and out of range at a position that will put approximately 60o/o of the biomarkers our of range.

Because the biosurvey does not monitor any system of the body, and because it is not intended to identify disease, the results are not diagnostic. You cannot take the results of a biosurvey and conclude you have a particular disease. In order to make those determinations you must rely on accepted medical procedures and tests.

You cannot take the results of a bio-survey and conclude you have a particular disease. In order to make those determinations you must rely on accepted medical procedures and tests.

The fact that a biomarker shows an out of range response does not mean you are sick, it just means your body was more emphatic when it answered, or responded, to the signal of the biomarker.

Biomarkers are used in the biosurvey to determine areas of emphatic response, and to allow a simulation. After out of range biomarkers have been plotted, the bio-survey will assess the body's response to a number of therapeutic options. Most often they are nutraceurical products. Each product is ranked according to your body's response. This response is called your biological preference. The product with the highest biological preference is then placed into the biosurvey and each out of range biomarker is reassessed. Next the product with the second highest biological preference is added to the biosurvey (along with the first) and the remaining out of range biomarkers are reassessed. This sequence is continued until all biomarkers move into range. Using the simulation exercise allows you to see what combination of products

The value of the biosurvey isn't to see if 'you're getting better,' but to see what is most stressed in the moment and what intervention does your body prefer.

Tracking health requires other types of tests or charting. A health diary is a good idea in this regard. Make note of how you feel, how much energy you have, how well you concentrate, and how often you 'get sick.' Over time, using the ZYTO biosurvey as a guide, you most likely will see progress to better health and a higher quality of life.

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