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I’m so stressed out!" How often have your heard that, or said it? Speaking of stress in this way is really speaking of nervous tension or anxiety. The fact is, stress is an important physiological response that keeps you healthy.

Every minute of every day you bump up against stressors. Stressors are forces or factors that have to he checked or  they will overwhelm you. A good example of this is a virus. If you encounter a virus, and it is not checked, it will eventually make you sick and if it remains unchecked it might kill you. Your body has a mechanism that creates 'push back' against the stressor and it's called stress. T hat's right; stress is your internal response to stressors. Stressors are not just viruses. They can be  situational, meaning you can be in an emotionally uncomfortable situation that needs to be checked (or stressed back against). You can also be in a traumatic situation that will require messing back. Maybe you fall off your bike and get scraped. Your body's internal stress mechanisms will push back to help you regain health. To Schedule an appointment call:

Your body's internal stress mechanism is used today by your health professional to 'simulate' how you will respond to various stressors. This simulation is made possible by ZYTO technology.

This technology was developed by Vaughn R Cook, OMD and has been used by hundreds of thousands of people around the world. Dr. Cook has been involved in energy medicine for nearly two and a half decades and has developed several tools used by health professionals. ZYTO technology is his latest development.

Here's how it works.

You place your hand on the ZYTO hand cradle that is connected to a computer. The ZYTO software then begins what is called a biosurvey. A biosurvey is essentially a conversation between the computer and your body. The computer sends a digital signal, called a virtual stressor, to your body and your body responds. The response is recorded and analyzed and the results will indicate what is called your biological preferences. These preferences will relate to things like nutritional supplements, medicines, and many other items that have clinical significance.

Information gathered in this way is used to improve decisions you and your health professional will make about your health.

It helps you get the right answer first. It cuts down on time and expense and means you'll get more value for your investment in health.

Taking the nutritional supplements your body prefers, or using the medicines your body prefers will help you stay healthy or get healthy faster.

You won't be missing work or fun, and your children wori't be missing school because they're sick. Taking advantage of ZYTO's state of the art biocommunication can yield huge dividends for you and your family.

Stress is Your Friend

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