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Although NAET is based on chinese acupuncture meridian theory, it is not necessary to use needles to do NAET treatments. However, it is sometimes an advantage to do so in order to enhance and strengthen the treatment as well as focus the body's energy on a specific problem, such as a painful knee or other area. Weak chronically ill patients clear their treatments more quickly as well. In addition, some patients prefer needles. Patients are given a choice as to whether or not to use needles.

Insurance and Fees

The initial visit consists of a comprehensive consultation during which questions, issues and concerns can be addressed. Please allow one hour for this visit.

Regarding insurance, some insurance companies will cover acupuncture and a few are starting to cover NAET as well. In addition many patients are using their flexible spending accounts to pay for treatments. Please check with your insurance carrier or human resource department for details. Our office does not file insurance but will provide you with a detailed receipt upon request.

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281.974.5599 (call for an appointment)

7575 San Felipe, Suite 110

(SW corner of San Felipe & Voss)

Houston, Texas 77063

Hours of Operation: Monday - Friday 9 am - 5:30 pm

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